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The Flare Factory is the umbrella company under which several companies create capacity for others to blossom. Although we operate with flair, there is a holding company flaring out over five companies.

These five spokes currently consists of the following:

Aletté Winckler as author, motivational speaker, image consultant and social media influencer.

SA Image Academy was born out of a need to train up image consultants to duplicate what Aletté had already done so successfully. Presenting both in-person training as well as online training this ever-growing academy is championed by the Academy Queen, Chené Jones.

The need arose to provide image consultant clients a lasting tool with their specific colour and style results, Aletté developed an app to provide the information to the client to take home with them. This soon exploded into an interactive app called the Pocket Stylist, currently in the final development phase.

Emanating from this, Palette Collective & Co. was born, addressing the needs of our clients for colour and style-specific clothing. In collaboration with local clothing designers, Aletté is launching a clothing brand to provide clients with clothes and accessories, matching their assessment results by an image consultant. The dashing Winckler Brothers, along with their cute-as-a-button little sister, are also collaborating with designers to bring out age-specific products from toddler to tween.

As of January this year the fifth spoke was added. The Confidence Company presents training in discovering and developing individuals of all ages. Girl-School addresses a unique beauty in finishing and etiquette.

The flare factory


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